(New Platform) How do I edit in the writing environment?

Atomic Content is where you can write & edit any form of written content. Atomic Reach provides feedback based on the length, content, emotion, and title (when applicable) of your document, giving you personalized suggestions to improve your writing.


Edit a draft and polish it for publishing in alignment with your goals and KPIs set out in your profiles.

Read more about Blog Profiles here and Email Profiles here.


Step 1. Log into Atomic Reach and navigate to either the Blog or Email side of the platform.


Step 2. Load the draft you are editing either by copying the content directly into the editor, clicking the Google Docs button inside the writing platform to connect to your Google Drive, or by opening a draft that has already been pulled into your account.



Step 3. Select the Profile you wish to score this piece of content against from the drop down. Next take a look at the Progress Bar at the top of the Summary box.

The Progress Bar shows you how close this content is to hitting your goals. As you work through edits, you'll see this bar change to indicate how close you are to achieving your target KPIs. Once the Progress Bar turns green and hits 100% your content is fully optimized and is in good shape to publish.


Step 4. The Summary box provides individual feedback for each measure with either an orange exclamation indicating some edits are needed or a blue check-mark letting you know that measure meets the goals set out in the Profile you're scoring this content against.


Step 5. Find out more about the recommended edits by reviewing the Edit list.

Unroll each of the bars to reveal feedback, including the section of the content (Subject or Paragraph) as well as a breakdown of Critical Issues vs. Stylistic Improvements.

Critical Issues: Recommended improvements

Stylistic Improvements: Nice to have improvements


The Edit List has two types of feedback tiles - Title and Subject Line. Title is labelled Title and Subject line is indicated by Paragraph number, with one tile per paragraph.


Click each tile to unroll and reveal the feedback for the each section.


The writing tool will gray out all other areas of the text, so it's clear what section you are focusing on. Hovering over the orange exclamation point on the right of the text will pop up a tool tip indicating the issues with that particular section.


By default all potential readability and emotion changes are highlighted, but you do not need to make all of them in order to meet your goals. Atomic Reach analyzes the entire text holistically, which means a few select changes will often improve the overall scoring and meet your goals. When each paragraph achieves the write levels, the underlining goes away.

Step 6. Work your way through the Edit list to reveal and edit each of the measures indicated for improvement.

Some of the edits like subject line, word count and structure can be applied by working directly in the writing environment.

Feedback on Readability and Emotion can be resolved directly inside the Edit list.

Example: This paragraph should use simpler language to hit your target goals.

Apply this recommendation by clicking directly on the word "quick" to automatically swap out the word "easy" directly in the body of the text.


Step 7. Work your way through the Edit list until the Progress Bar turns green. The green indicator means that this piece has been holistically analyzed and meets your Profile criteria enough that it is in good shape to publish, not necessarily that you have corrected of the recommended items.


Step 8. When you have achieved the green indicator you can go ahead and publish this piece via your preferred workflow.


If you have any questions, feature requests, or would like a demo, please reach out to support@atomicreach.com and we'd be happy to help you.