How do I create an article using the writing tool?

Atomic Content is where you can write and edit any form of written content. Atomic Reach provides feedback based on the length, content, emotion, and title of your document, giving you personalized suggestions to improve your writing.


Create and write a new document.


Step 1

Start a new article by logging into the platform and navigating to the Blog side


Step 2

Click on the "Create New" button found at the top right


Step 3

Select a Profile that you would like to work with - if you would like to create your own profile you can learn about it here, otherwise you can use the Industry Standard Profile that is included with every account.


Step Four

Create a title for your article and draft your blog directly in the writing environment. As soon as there is content inside the writing environment, the platform will begin to analyze the copy against the selected profile. When you are finished writing, take a look at the Summary section and work your way through the recommended edits:


When the Summary Indicator is green, you know that the article is aligned with your goals and ready to publish.

Depending on your workflow and integrations, you can either choose to hit the Save button (WordPress or HubSpot), click the Google Docs button to push the article to whatever Google account you are logged into or click the Copy button which will allow you to paste the article without any unintended formatting.


If you have any questions, feature requests, or would like a demo of our Atomic Contentmodule, please reach out to and we'd be happy to help you.