(Original Platform) How do I interpret the Recommendations in Atomic Ads?

The Atomic Reach Recommendations report available in Atomic Ads is a great place to learn how to write ads that will connect with your audience and help increase Clicks and CTR %.

Step 1. Select the information you would like the report to be based on the text in Headline 1, Headline 2 or the Google Ad Description. After selecting the basis for your report, choose the following:

  • CTR % or Clicks
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
Step 1

Step 2. Use the menu on the far left to gain insights on metrics such as Readability, Emotion, Word Count and Superlatives.

Step 1-1

Step 3. Just to right of the menu you will see a quick summary of the best category for each metric.

Step 1-3

Step 4. Hover over the orange bars to learn more about how each category performs.


Step 5. Click the orange bar to see a breakdown of the ads written at each category measure.


Tip: Use the scroll bar along the bottom to locate the yellow, Clone and Optimize button. Clicking on this button will open up your ad in the writing environment for quick and easy editing. See our article on editing your current ads.


Step 6. To generate a new, and different report, simply select what information you like from the drop down menu at the top and a new report will be automatically generated.


Step 7. Lastly, select Your Ads tab at the top left to see a detailed analysis of your ads.


Once you have gathered all the insights from your Recommendations report, head over to the Ads writing environment to optimize your old ads or create new ones to increase Clicks and your CTR.


If you have any questions, feature requests, or would like a demo of our Atomic Ads module, please reach out to support@atomicreach.com and we'd be happy to help you.