(Original Platform) How do I create a new ad in Atomic Ads?

You have the landing page perfected and the ad group put together, now it's time to finally create the ad. With Atomic Ads, speed up your ad creation process by quickly selecting the right words for your audience.


Create a new ad with Atomic Ads.


Step 1: To begin, select the yellow “Create Ad” button at the top right of the module.


Step 2: Select the correct Campaign, Ad Group and enter the final url.


Tip: the first step towards having a great ad is to have a great landing page. Optimize your landing page copy with our Atomic Content module.

Step 3: After composing your headlines and descriptions, click on the words to receive feedback. The feedback tab on the right will provide recommendations on both readability and emotion, helping you to get the most out of each word!

Tip: start with the bare-bone structure of your ad, the headlines should highlight the benefits of your product, and the description should always include a call-to-action. Once you have a structure, you can then get creative with the feedback we provide to create several versions of your ad.

Step 4: Click on the Generated Ads tab (currently in beta) to see ads generated by Atomic AI based on your ad and final url. 


If you see an ad you like, you can use the buttons on the far right to either edit the ad or save it as a draft.


Step 5: Once you’re ready to move your ad over to Google AdWords, you can export the individual ad as a csv for importing into your AdWords account.
Important: We will be integrating a method to directly push your ads to Google in the near future.


Or you can save the ad as a draft, select the Drafts drop down menu.


Step 6: From Drafts you can select multiple ads for bulk export into a csv for Google AdWords.

Step 7: To upload your csv from within your AdWords account: go to Ads & extensions, select the three dots on the right and select Upload.

Import Ads

Tips & Tricks

  • Consider including topics that perform well from your blog into your ad copy and ad group. People who are interested in your products are searching for these terms and they found your articles to be the most relevant. This gives you great credibility.
  • Consider phrasing your offer as a benefit that your potential customers can enjoy, ads phrased like this generally perform better.
  • Try to always incorporate a call-to-action in either your headline or description. Better yet, make it time sensitive so that you can drive conversions in a timely manner!


If you have any questions, feature requests, or would like a demo of our Atomic Ads module, please reach out to support@atomicreach.com and we'd be happy to help you.