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How do I use the Google Docs integration for Atomic Reach?

Connect your Google account to Atomic Reach to seamlessly import your Google Docs files for optimization.

Step 1: On either side of the platform (Blog or Email) click "Create New" to begin a fresh document.


Step 2: Click the Google Docs button in the tool bar.


Step 3: A Google pop up will appear to sign in or confirm the Google account you are logged into. Confirm this is the correct account to retrieve documents from and navigate the folders to choose a document to work with.


Step 4: The Atomic Content Editor will analyze and guide you through optimizing your copy.

Work directly in the writing environment to apply any changes you would like. When you're satisfied with the edits, click the Copy button in the tool bar.

This Copy button will allow you to cut/paste the article with intended formatting only - none of the Atomic Reach indicators will be transferred when you paste.



If you have any questions, feature requests, or would like a demo, please reach out to support@atomicreach.comand we'd be happy to help you.