(Original Platform) How do I edit to achieve the right emotion level for my audience?

One measure that can have an important effect on the success of your content is the level of emotional language used - some audiences prefer more exciting, emotional language while other audiences prefer calm, less emotional language.

Using scholarly studies that have been conducted over the years, scientists have been able to measure human biofeedback to language. The results of these studies have proven which words are more emotional and which are less emotional.

Step 1. Use your recommendations to determine the emotional intensity your audience prefers for that content type. It is important to keep in mind that your emotional intensity could vary depending on content type.



Google Ads:

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Emails (currently only available for HubSpot and MailChimp users):


Step 2. In the respective writing environment, click on words in the text to receive a list of synonyms.


Tip: the words with the full, dark heats have a higher emotional intensity while empty, white hearts are less emotional.

Step 4. As you are replacing words, keep an eye on the slider on the far right. It will move up or down depending on the emotional intensity of the words you select.


Step 5. Once you are done editing your content for emotion (as well as the other measures), rescore your article to ensure you have completely optimized your content.



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