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How do I edit HubSpot content in the writing environment?

Atomic Reach provides feedback based on the length, content, emotion, and title (when applicable) of your article, giving you personalized suggestions to improve your writing.


Edit a draft and polish it for publishing in alignment with your goals and KPIs set out in your profiles.


Step 1. Log into Atomic Reach and navigate to either the Blog or Email side of the platform.

step 1-4

Step 2. Load the draft you are editing either by copying the content directly into the editor, opening a draft that has already been pulled into your account or by clicking the Google Docs button inside the writing platform to access to your Google Drive.

step 1-5
goog doc-1

Step 3. Select the Profile you wish to score this piece of content against from the drop down menu.

step 3-2
Once you have selected your profile, click Optimize.
step 3.2
Step 4. The platform will optimize your content for readability and emotion.
step 5.2

When your content has been optimized for the ideal readability and emotion a green bar will appear at the top letting you know your language has been optimized and how many changes were made.

After optimizing your language for readability and emotion, you will still receive feedback on word count and paragraph structure. Click the chevron next to Title Insights to unroll title feedback.

step 4.2

Step 5. Words that have been replaced will be underlined in blue.

step 5-7
Click on the blue underline to see the original word as well as alternative synonyms.

Once you have reviewed all of the changes and are satisfied with your article, you are ready to publish.

Step 6. To publish your changes:

HubSpot Integration: Click the "SAVE" button to push your changes back to where you pulled them from HubSpot - to either a draft or a live article.

WordPress Integration: Click the "SAVE" button to push your changes back to where you pulled them from WordPress - to either a draft or a live article.

Non-integration or other: Click the "COPY" button to cleanly copy your changed content, to paste it back into your publishing platform.


If you have any questions, feature requests, or would like a demo, please reach out to support@atomicreach.com and we'd be happy to help you.