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How do I edit a Mailchimp email?

Atomic Reach integrates with Mailchimp and now gives you access to all your marketing emails from Mailchimp.

Atomic Reach integrates with Mailchimp and now gives you access to all your Mailchimp marketing emails. If you have integrated your Mailchimp account with Atomic Reach, you will see a Mailchimp logo below the subject line on the Manage Emails page.


Step 1. Begin by drafting your email in Mailchimp and saving it as a draft. Then log into your Atomic Reach account and select drafts from the menu on the left. Click the subject line to open the email in the writing environment.


Step 2. Select the profile you would like score your Mailchimp email against from the drop-down on the right.


Step 3. Our platform will instantly begin analyzing your email against the selected profile. The summary box will highlight the areas in which to focus your editing effort, as indicated by the orange circle with an exclamation mark. The areas in which you have hit your target will be indicated by blue circle with an X in the middle.


Step 4. To edit the email, use the Edit List located directly below the summary. Feedback is divided into two categories: critical and stylistic. Critical items are things we strongly recommend you fix; stylistic are things to consider.


Step 5. Work your way down the edit list until you are satisfied with your Mailchimp email. Once satisfied, click the "COPY" button at the top right to cleanly copy your changes to paste them back to Mailchimp.


Here are some important things to remember about the marketing email integration:

  1. Your marketing emails are automatically brought into Atomic Reach when you integrate with Mailchimp. No additional steps are required.
  2. Atomic Reach cannot create emails for you from our platform because there are additional settings you must select when creating emails in Mailchimp. You must create the email in Mailchimp and access it via Drafts in the email module.
  3. Certain email templates cannot be brought into our platform. You will receive an error message if this is the case.


If you have any questions, feature requests, or would like a demo of our Create module, please reach out to support@atomicreach.com and we'd be happy to help you.