(Original Platform) What is the Atomic Score?

The Atomic Score is a benchmark for your blog/article documents.

We know that creating and polishing a document is a time-consuming process but you are often running on a deadline. How do you know when you have done enough work so that your content will be well received and generate interest with most of your audience base?

How does the Atomic Score work?

When you connect your content with Atomic Reach, we measure each of your articles by specific writing characteristics and give it a score out of 100. Then, based on your articles' performance, we find the optimal score that you should hit to maximize engagement without over-expending on effort.

Where do I see my Atomic Score?

Your Atomic Score is always visible in the upper right hand of your screen, beside your profile. When you first sign up and have not completed your account set up, we give you an Atomic Score of 60. This score is based on our industry data of what an average performing content usually scores. To generate your personalized Atomic Score, you must have connected your content source and Google Analytics (we also work with other analytics tracking, please contact support@atomicreach.com for more details).

Atomic Score

You can see the performance difference of your articles at or above your Atomic Score versus below your Atomic Score. Simply go to the Performance Dashboard of the Engage module and select the timeline you would like to compare. By default, we look at the performance of your articles published in the last 365 days.

Atomic Score Performance

How do I use my Atomic Score?

Once you know your Atomic Score, you can put it into action by using our Atomic Content module and either write a new article or edit an existing one that needs some extra polishing, making sure to hit your Atomic Score during the process. To see how whether your article has hit your Atomic Score, switch to the Analysis tab in the feedback box to the right of your article.

Atomic Score Create

Note that at this time, the Atomic Score is only optimized for blog and articles. For tips and tricks on how to best use the Atomic Content module, check out our articles on writing new documents and editing existing documents.


Please reach out to support@atomicreach.com