(Original Platform) I’ve connected my content source but how come I don’t see some/all my articles in Data Intelligence?

Usually articles from your content source will begin appearing in your account 5 minutes after you connect. However, there are certain situations that can cause delay and/or errors.


  • No articles are listed on the Performance dashboard / Recommendations dashboard after successfully connecting a content source.
  • Articles missing from the Performance dashboard / Recommendations dashboard after successfully connecting a content source.


1. Do you have a large repository of articles (2000+)? With a large content source, it will sometimes take our platform a little bit longer to grab all your articles. Please allow for a few hours if you do not immediately see all of your articles.

2. The Performance dashboard and Recommendations dashboard are by default set to display articles published within the last 365 days, try changing the date filter to see if any missing articles appear.

missing content

3. If neither of the above works, our platform probably encountered some issues in trying to grab your content. This can be due to:

    • An anti-content scraping service you or the website host is using.
    • Our scraper encountered issues in trying to detect certain tags in the HTML code of the website.
    • Our scraper encountered errors when trying to read / find the sitemap.

In these cases, you can try connecting an RSS feed of your content instead. Note: we will only grab what is displayed in your RSS feed. This means if your RSS feed is in summary mode, we will not be able to grab full articles; also if you limit your RSS feed to the latest 10 articles we will not be able to grab anything published prior. Please make sure your RSS feed is set up appropriately.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our support team at support@atomicreach.com and we'd be happy to help you resolve this issue.