(Original Platform) How do I know which readability to write for?

In addition to using the Atomic Score as a benchmark for your content, another vital part to any great piece of content is using the appropriate writing style that your audience prefers to read at.

What is readability

Atomic Reach has 5 general writing styles: General, Knowledgeable, Specialist, Academic, and Genius, varying from very simple to very complex. We refer to these writing styles as readability levels.

Important: Readability level is not a measure of the complexity level of your topic, but the complexity of your writing style.

Readability level is very important during the planning and writing of the content, often times it determines whether an entire article is read by the audience or not.

What readability should I write for

The writing style that your audience likes to read in can come as a surprise. You could be writing for professionals, but often times they appreciate a good article written in a straight-forward fashion that doesn't take too long out of their day to read. Atomic Reach's Performance and Recommendations modules takes the guessing out of the equation, allowing you to see exactly what your audience prefers.