(Original Platform) How do I create a compliance list?

Sometimes there are words that you are not allowed to use due to your company's compliance regulations. You can add them to your Compliance List and Atomic Reach will let you know whenever you include any of these words in your writing.


Add and manage words in the Compliance List.


Adding words to your Compliance list

Step 1: Go to your account settings and click on Custom Word List.

comp list

Step 2: Under Compliance List, you can upload your compliance list via a CSV file or simply type/paste them into the box with words separated by commas. Tip: Make sure the correct list is picked when uploading your CSV.

comp list-1

Step 3: Words that are part of your compliance list will be double-underlined in Atomic Content.


If you have any questions, feature requests, or would like a demo of our Atomic Content module, please reach out to support@atomicreach.com and we'd be happy to help you.